The new

The new

You never know, the blog might get used for something.

Jan 20, 2023

Feb 6, 2023

200 words


👋 Hi, and welcome to the fourth major iteration of my landing page - this time, it’s got a blog!


The new site is called interduck. (the old one was “duckdotweb”) Whereas previous iterations were dynamically generated on the fly (using frameworks like Laravel), interduck. is entirely statically generated using Hugo for some super speedy page loads. If you’re morbidly curious, the source is available at github/duckfullstop/interduck.

I don’t really need anything fancy here that would need dynamic generation anymore, so this feels like the obvious step to keep things simple.

This blog

It’s very rare for me to use long-form text like this for public facing stuff, but there’s been one or two occasions that I’ve wanted a space like this to throw some thoughts down. Ergo, here it is!

I’m really not sure how often it’ll get used (hell, don’t be surprised if this is the only post here as you read), but keep your eyes peeled. I’ll announce anything noteworthy on my Mastodon.

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